1984 Cadillac Eldorado Engine turns off on off ramp 2022

I drove my 1984 Cadillac Eldorado on the freeway for the 2nd time and had a issue occur both times now. I have no issue driving it on the highway, and was even able to get off at an exit and turn around at a gas station both times, where I came to full stops, and I had no problems. But then when I get off at the off ramp closest to my house, both times the light have been red but no one’s around because it’s late, I come to a full stop and then my engine dies and two warning lights turn on: “STOP ENGINE OIL PRESSURE” and “NO CHARGE”

According to the manual “If the “STOP ENGINE OIL PRES-
SURE” light illuminates while the en-
gine is running, stop the engine and do
not operate it until the cause of low oil
pressure is corrected.” & “If the “NO CHARGE” light illumt-
nates while the engine is running, have
the cause of insufficient charging correc-
ted as soon as possible.”

When this first happened I turned my hazards on and my friend told me to turn the car off and back on, which I did and It started fine and had no problem after that. I thought it could be an oil problem due to the fact that I had recently purchased this car and the oil hadn’t been changed for 2 yrs because the car was just sitting. So I did a full oil change myself, and decided I’d try to go back on the highway again a few days later, only to have the exact same situation happen again. Once again I turned the car off and started it back up no problem. The car has no OBD2, it has a OBD1 which I checked and the car wasn’t throwing any codes.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this, and or fix it?


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