41 Cadillac Progress | 2022

The family bought me the 41 Cadillac rocker panels ( inner & outer) for Christmas that are the last pieces I needed to get the body ready to put it back on the frame and start incorporating the 07 floor pans.

The body ready to go on frame.

 This is the inside of the rear of the left rocker before installing the replacement .

 Inside front of left rocker after replacement is installed.

 The outer left rocker was damaged on the bottom half so  I decided to make my cut below the door jams to make sure the doors would fit.  Picture #1 & 6 shows the left rocker complete.

 The right rocker had more damage than the left that required part of the door sill be replaced.

 The next 5 pictures show the amount of damage that the right rocker had; the rocker panels in this car, support the body and all 6 body mounts are welded to the rockers.

 The replacement rockers were straight and the body is curved, that required cuts every 3″ on the flanges, both inner and outer, to form the curve needed.

 A lot of welding but there was no other way for me to deal with it as I have no forming tools or rollers. The rotisserie is tool every one that has to work on the bottom of a car should have.

 This is one of two body mounts I made and an original, that is the model, to replace the ones the had rusted off.

 Right rocker completed except for the grinding of the welds.

 A good picture of how useful the rotisserie is to get at the work. The body dolly and all the braces are still in place.

 Body removed from rotisserie and on dolly with rear floor pan going back in.

 Rear floor pan in place but no welded so rear end assembly, that bolts to it, could be fitted.

 Rear end assembly bolted to floor pan that needed to be adjusted by using ratchet straps to pull it back into place.

 The front floor pan and fire wall had been previously fit,  but still required additional cutting  to get it into alignment with the frame body mounts.

 Floor pans are about the same level as the door sills and will need just a little adjustment to get them attached.

 Next step is to make extension plates from floor pans to door sills and weld the in place.


The smell of the leather seats, the sound of the throttle, and even light from outside—all affect your state of mind. That’s what makes a good car great.

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