41 Cadillac Start the Finish Work | 2022

The frame got mounted to the rotisserie and the body went to Henderson for blasting. I painted the frame with POR 15 Chassis Black along with the brackets and underside of the front shock tower supports.

The painted frame was moved over to make room for the body and all the blasted parts.

 The bottom side of the shock towers and brackets.

 I strung a cable across the shop to hang all the smaller parts on for primer paint.

 Body looks a lot better after the media blast, Blastco did a good job.

 Above and below all the parts are setup for primer.

 The areas that need patching were masked to make welding easer.

 The 6 pictures below are of the body and parts after painting with self etching primer for bare metal.

 The right and left side of the body where the rear fenders bolt on was rusted away and needs to be patched.

 Right side.

 Left side.

 I made a pattern and cut the two pieces from .050 metal then bent a 90 degree angle where it fits into the wheel well.

 Two pictures of the patch welded in then ground with a 40 grit flapper disc matched up pretty good. Now all I have to do is make 100 more, so that will be the work for the next several weeks.

 My Grand Daughter had told me several months ago that she would like to build a early mustang and ask if I would help her in the build, So I have been looking for one since then and came across this 64 1/2 all original Mustang for sale on Craig’s List. It was listed for $3,550 and I offered $3,000 that was accepted. It now is in the shop covered up and ready for my grand Daughter to start when she has time.

 It is rust free, fair interior, no major damage and all there. The original 6 cylinder engine has 15,000 and starts and runs.

 This will be a fun project.


The smell of the leather seats, the sound of the throttle, and even light from outside—all affect your state of mind. That’s what makes a good car great.

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