A Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Cruises The ‘Twisted Sisters’ In Texas | 2022


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Charger Hellcat-twistedsister

By Dave Ashton

Watching your favorite muscle car zip around a track from an external perspective is fine, but nowhere near as personal as an in-car viewpoint. Today’s video comes from the guys at APEX ONE who take a variety of cars around well-known courses. Each track being documented by well-known directors. In this video example, it’s a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat cruising around the ‘Twisted Sisters’ circuit in Texas, filmed by William Schultz of ‘Proving Grounds’ fame.

The Twisted Sisters Loop

Texas Heritage refers to the Twisted Sisters route as the windiest roads in Texas. The loop comprises of, ‘three farm-to-market roads that create a 100-mile loop through the heart of the Hill Country.’ There’s also plenty of twists and turns with low visibility, with one 15 mile stretch having more than 65 bendy bits. While most of Texas is as flat as a pancake, the Hill Country provides plenty of winding roads and fantastic viewpoints.

Twisted Sisters

Image: texasheritageforliving.com

The course also seems to be a favorite for motorcycle types, but the course is not to be taken lightly. The video may show a leisurely cruise around this course, but when driven at speed, it can be as challenging as any other track out there.

The video itself shows front and rear views of the Charger SRT Hellcat, giving the viewer a chance to take in the driving experience and scenery. As the video is just over 45 minutes long, it’s worth having it play in the background on a large TV while you are unwinding after a long day. Sitting in a comfy chair drinking your favorite beverage and watching this video for at least 10 minutes is very cathartic.

Who would have thought a virtual drive in a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat could be this relaxing….


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