All three versions of Lexus ES are down | 2022

As we all know, there is a “thunder car” in the car industry. The price increase is unreasonable, and the model is still selling well. It can be said that the price increase has been good. However, I recently learned from the Internet that the Tsundere Lexus finally has the news of price cuts. The price cuts came from official announcements instead of dealers’ price adjustments. There are as many as 9 models involved in price cuts, including Lexus ES, NX, and RX. I believe the most unexpected thing is that the price of this hot-selling Lexus ES model will also be reduced by 460 USD, which is also good news for friends who are planning to buy a car, but I feel that there is not much sincerity.

This time Lexus ES reduced the models’ price, including the 260 F Sport, 260 Premium Edition, and 300h Premium Edition. The user reviews of the models on the vertical website account for a small number of users. It is conceivable that these versions are all “stocks.” The manufacturers naturally took out price cuts for promotion.

Users deeply love the ES car in terms of its appearance and internal quality. Especially after the model is changed, the impression is more radical, and the lines are sharper, which also attracts many potential female consumers. And the essence of Lexus ES lies in its internal quality. The interior of the model is full of a mechanical feel, and the materials used are also very kind. This is also the embodiment of the spirit of Japanese craftsmen.

Lexus ES 300H

In terms of power, many people complain that the ES 2.0L engine is too meaty. It is still a problem with tuning. Even when Lexus reaches the LC-level sports car series, the power is quite docile. If you have power requirements, you can try to go to 260. The 300 version is selected. There are three versions of this price reduction, two of which are equipped with a 2.5L engine, with a maximum horsepower of 207Ps. This level is believed to be enough for users.


To sum up:

From a face-to-face perspective, ES owners have never lost BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. This is where Lexus’s confidence does not cut prices. However, the best-selling ES is now discounted by 460. ?


The smell of the leather seats, the sound of the throttle, and even light from outside—all affect your state of mind. That’s what makes a good car great.

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