ARP Fasteners Steps Up To Sponsor Both The AMBR Award | 2022

The most respected bands in the high performance aftermarket are those that not only innovate, but also support their customers and the industry that we all know and love. ARP Fasteners has established themselves as the standard of the hot rodding world for fastening solutions and they are also showing their pure love of industry by expanding their backing of perhaps one of the most important events that exists in hot rodding. The Grand National Roadster Show has been going for more than 70 years and with all that legacy comes loads of popularity.

ARP has expanded their support of the show by sponsoring both the America’s Most Beautiful Roadster trophy as well as the Al Slonaker Memorial award. The Slonaker award is given to the best non-roadster at the GNRS and was established in 2020 in the memory of the man who first gave out the AMBR award in 1950. This is fantastic stuff and the full story is below.

Here’s the full story on ARP stepping up and broadening their support of builders!

Many of the nation’s premiere car builders employ ARP fasteners in their creations, both as essential to engine performance and reliability, as well as the “finishing touch” that comes with the company’s polished stainless steel bolts and studs. Accordingly, the Ventura, CA based firm proudly has continued its support of street rodding’s most prestigious awards, the “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” trophy and the Al Slonaker Memorial award for the best non-roadster at the Grand National Roadster Show.

The AMBR award was first presented in 1950 by Al Slonaker, founder of the Grand National Roadster Show. An award, created in his honor. was debuted in 2020 to give due recognition to the best car or truck not competing for the AMBR award at the GNRS. Both winners will receive a $12,500.00 check from ARP, as well as a “keeper” trophy. Their names will be engraved in the permanent trophies that travel with the show.

Now in its 72nd year, and recognized as the longest running indoor car show in the world, the event will take place from January 28 through the 30th at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in Pomona, Ca. For details on the GNRS go to and for information on ARP fasteners, or to request a free copy of the 2022 catalog, visit


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