Fender Flare Install: Be Inspired By Welding Steel Flares To A 911 Porsche | 2022

When some folks think fender flares they thing four wheel drive trucks, while others think back to the 1970’s when folks installed fiberglass fender flares on everything that didn’t move, including classics like first-gen Camaros. But when you want molded flares, done the right way, a steel car should really have steel fender flares. Of course welding on a set of steel flares can be intimidating when you think about how much welding that really is, so having a good machine is key. In this video you’ll see a sweet set of steel fender flares being welded onto a 911 Porsche and man do they look slick.

To do the welding, Ryan is using an MP 250i from Eastwood and tells us all about how to do this the right way. The MP in the MP 250i stands for Multi Process and that means this machine can MIG and TIG which comes in real handy when Ryan uses the MIG function to tack the fender in place and then grinds his mig welds smooth and comes back to TIG weld the entire perimeter to complete the install. You’ll then see him come back and use a hammer and dolly on the welds. This is easier to do with a TIG welded seam than it is with a MIG welded seam as the MIG weld is typically harder.

Check out the video and watch how it’s done, and be inspired to weld on your own ride.


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