Powermaster Mopar Alternator Comparison Horsepower | 2022

Mopar Alternator Comparison: Stock vs Powermaster Original Look vs Powermaster 220amp Upgraded Alternator

When it comes to the charging system of your classic car, you have a few options. The first is to just hope and pray that the 50-year old alternator that’s on the engine continues to work even though it has spun 10s of millions of times in its life and is likely about to spit the bit.

That’s not the best idea in our opinion. Another option would be to call Powermaster and get one of their Original Look alternators which ha the best of both worlds. For starters it looks just like the OE piece and produces the kind of juice you need to keep your car happy and functioning perfectly. for years to come.

The third option is really for those who have upgraded their cars with modern touches, more horsepower, and accessories that will put some load on the electrical system. That’s an upgraded 220 amp alternator from Powermaster. How do you know what works or what’s best for your application? This story is awesome because we see all three things we just discussed put to work.

You don’t have to have a Mopar to get information out of this. In fact, anyone with a vehicle that uses a charging system can benefit from this knowledge. Check it out!

Hit the image to check out the full story on the Powermaster original look alternators



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