Regular Car Reviews Drives A 1984 Plymouth Colt GTS Turbo | 2022

Great Video: Regular Car Reviews Drives A 1984 Plymouth Colt GTS Turbo And It’s The Worlds Nicest One

I guess today is my love affair with the lost and forgotten turbocharged cars of the 1980s because after the Maserati, we have this little monster. You are looking at the world’s nicest 1984 Colt GTS turbo and it’s the subject of this great video on the oft awesome Regular Car Reviews channel. This thing makes about 100hp. Which means your eyes just glazed over but they shouldn’t. Why?

The 102hp is in a car that weighs 1,800 lbs and the power is going through a manual transmission that’s also connected to an auxiliary dual range transmission. There’s a performance mode and an economy mode and as we’ll find out, the differences are night and day and the car is way more fun than the raw horsepower rating would ever lead you to believe.

This is also the nicest 1984 Colt GTS Turbo left on the planet. The car looks like it has never been driven before this video. The interior is perfect, the paint and engine are beautiful and the only deviation from bone stock is an update exhaust system that is as close to a stocker as the owner could get bent.

This is a wildly impressive car and boy it sure looks fun!

Press play below to get an awesome look at an all but forgotten turbocharged hot hatch –



The smell of the leather seats, the sound of the throttle, and even light from outside—all affect your state of mind. That’s what makes a good car great.

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