Do built-in car refrigerators work like regular compressor refrigerators or do they just blow A/C air on it? 2022

Figuring out what I’d like on my next vehicle and one thing was a built-in fridge. But I was wondering if they were just actual compressor based or if they just blow cold air from the A/C on it. I think high end cars like Rolls and Maybach have compressor based ones, and I think the Odyssey has an A/C based one, but I was wondering more about the Sienna or other family vehicle. And can they get cold enough to freeze e.g. so I can bring along ice cream? BTW, I know they dropped the feature due to supplier issues but I hear they plan on reintroducing them. There’s very little info on them, even when I try to look up the owners manual online.

If they blow A/C I’ll probably just get one of the portable compressor fridges. I’d prefer the built in one b/c it looks like they’re in the center console area so it’s more easily accessible for the driver.


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