Former Ford exec to head UK arm of van firm First Hydrogen | 2022

Former Ford engineering boss Steve Gill has joined First Hydrogen as chief executive to lead its UK automotive division. 

Gill will oversee the development of First Hydrogen’s light and medium commercial vehicle (LCV) business and is currently developing and constructing the company’s two MAN hydrogen fuel cell road legal demonstrators with AVL Powertrain UK and Ballard Power Systems.

Gill previously headed a 2,000-strong team of engineers in his role as director of power engineering at Ford of Europe; and he sat as a board member of Ford Technologies. 

He spent 19 years with Ford Motor Company, leading strategic programmes delivering technology into volume production for Ford and its partners, including Jaguar Land-Rover and the PSA Groupe (Peugeot/Citroen).

These technologies included Ford’s first series hybrid powertrain for commercial vehicles, Ford’s first mild hybrid technology for passenger cars and commercial vehicles and the three-cylinder Ecoboost engine.

He will also manage the development and build out of hydrogen refuelling stations, under the organisation’s NETZEROH2 subsidiary, with consultants FEV Group. 

Gill also provided consultancy to businesses including AVL Powertrain, the UK Automotive Council and Britishvolt.


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