Fuel for Thought: Technology Evolution in the Heavy-Duty Commercial Industry | 2022

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This month’s theme: Technology Evolution in the Heavy-Duty
Commercial Industry


Our January podcast features special guest, Jon Morrison
CEO of J&M Strategic Insights and former president of WABCO

The buzz around the commercial vehicle industry over the past
few years has centered around the adoption of alternative
propulsion. However, we are also in a time where data is
transforming the industry and giving fleets, distributors, and
manufacturers more insights than they have ever seen. As Jon
Morrison points out in the latest “Fuel for Thought” podcast,
technology has really moved to the forefront of an industry that
was traditionally viewed as being non technically oriented. When
you look at the trucks and transportation and their interface with
the logistics world, technology has pushed itself to the forefront
starting with safety technology and now onto logistics and supply
chain management.

We are at an inflection point between understanding volumes,
historical trends and replacement rates, and slowly moving towards
predictive analytics. Fleets have access to more information now,
more than ever due to telematics. As the technology continues to
evolve this data will help fleets to utilize predictive analytics
at a component level to minimize unscheduled maintenance. The end
result will keep drivers on the road and help fleets maximize
profitability and uptime.

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Posted 18 January 2022 by Kristen Balasia, Vice President, Automotive Advisory, IHS Markit


Mark Hazel, Associate Director, Product Management – Commercial Vehicle Reporting IHS Markit


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