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The new Emgrand L takes its cues from the fourth-generation Emgrand but adds "high spec only" technology and safety features. - Geely

The new Emgrand L takes its cues from the fourth-generation Emgrand but adds “high spec only” technology and safety features.


On December 31, 2021, Geely Auto debuted the Emgrand L, a new edition of its best-selling series. The L invokes the brand’s new design language and a multitude of updated technology, functionality, luxury, and safety features. 

The Emgrand series commands a large global market and is available in ICE, hybrid, and EV variants in a highly competitive package. Replete with cutting-edge technology and top-rated safety features, the Emgrand range offers quite a bit at high value, and some models of the car are some of Geely’s bestsellers in its home market. In 2011, the original Emgrand EC7 was the first Chinese sedan model to score four stars in the E-NCAP and well as five stars in the C-NCAP. 

Demand for the fourth-generation Emgrand remains high. The new Emgrand L resembles it closely and features several new and unique design elements from Geely’s “Vision Starburst” explorations, including modified features using the most up-to-date hardware and software available.  

Akin to to Geely Auto’s Boyue X, the new Emgrand L uses a best-selling car as a base but has updated both its interior and exterior look with the brand’s newest “Vision Starburst” design language, incorporating the new design elements for fresh facade. 

The X-shaped “Starburst” grille is the most prominent new feature—a delicate web of single pieces consisting of over 3,000 individual surfaces, creating an effect of energy bursting outwards. 

At the rear, the taillight clusters are comprised of over 250 LEDs, with a rear light bar that extends the width of the car. 

Making good on the brand’s promise of the Emgrand L being “only high spec” and the debut of the brand’s new look, the car is fully connected and capable of FOTA (firmware-over-the-air) updates. Autonomous driving functions include adaptive cruise control (ACC) and emergency braking for motorists and pedestrians (AEB and AEB-P).   

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