Honda has officially left the Russian market | 2022

Honda has officially left the Russian market


Rambler.- The last few years have been quite challenging for the Russian market. Car manufacturer Honda has decided to leave the market officially.

The official exit of Honda from the market was the main disappointment of last year. As one may remember, the company first arrived in the market in 2004. The sales process of the last SUVs is being conducted at the moment. The significantly low volume of sales has become the main reason behind the decision.

Although the company does not plan to supply the official dealers with new equipment, the aftermarket services will continue for the vehicles. In addition, the sales of third-party products, such as: motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and motor boats will be maintained.

As stated by experts, the first problem faced by the manufacturer in Russia was the exchange rate crisis in 2015, when the representation of Honda announced the discontinuation of the sales of Acura brand automobiles in the Russian Federation. 2019 was the most bleak year, with a sales figure of only 1836 vehicles in the entire model range.



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