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How to Do the Brake Bypass on Alpine Radio [STEPS + VIDEO] | 2022

How do you bypass the parking brake wire on Alpine head units?

Bypassing the parking brake on Alpine radio is best done with a MicroBypass relay. There are four wires (ground, remote, foot pedal, and parking brake) that need to be connected from your radio wiring harness to the MicroBypass switch.

Things You Will Need

The MicroBypass switch

Guaranteed to work: all aftermarket Alpine radio models including all the new 2013-2021 Alpine models: i109-WRA, i209-WRA, ICS-X7HD, INA-W910, INE-S920HD, INE-W927HD, INE-W940, INE-W957HD, INE-W960, INE-W960HDMI, INE-W967HDINE-Z928HD, IVE-W530, IVE-W535HD, IVE-W555BT, iLX-007, iLX-107, iLX-207, X008U, X009-U, X009-FD1, X009-FD2, X009-GM, X009-GM2, X009-RAM, X009-TND, X110-SLV, X110-SRA, X009-WRA, X109-WRA, ILX-W650, ILX-F309, ILX-F259

Not for use with OEM Alpine radios

We also did the bypass option for Pioneer radios.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Connect the BLACK wire

The BLACK ground wire of the should be connected to the black ground wire of the radio.

Step 2: Connect the YELLOW/BLUE wire

Connect YELLOW/BLUE wire on MicroBypass to radios yellow/blue parking brake wire.

Step 3: Connect the YELLOW/BLACK wire

Connect the YELLOW/BLACK wire on the MicroBypass to the yellow/black foot brake wire on the radio harness.

*DO NOT connect any wires to vehicles parking or foot brake wires or anything else.
*Cap off this wire if there is no Yellow/Black wire on your Alpine radio wire harness.

Step 4: Connect the BLUE/WHITE wire

The BLUE/WHITE wire on MicroBypass should be connected to the radio’s BLUE/WHITE remote turn on/off wire.

*Won’t interfere with amplifiers connected to this lead.

Video tutorial

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