Medium-duty sector ripe for electrification, says Workhorse CTO | 2022

Exact definitions vary by region, but medium-duty (MD) commercial vehicles span a wide range of applications and weight limits. While MD is something of a catch-all term and is not adopted by all markets, it is generally used to describe the mid-range of commercial vehicles, which plug the gap between small parcel vans and full-size tractor-trailers.

In the US, MD commercial vehicles carry the designation of Classes 3 to 6, with gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) between 10,001lbs and 26,000lbs. This means anything from a pick-up truck like the Ford F-350 (often referred to as light medium-duty) to a much larger box truck like the Peterbilt 330. MD trucks are used for all manner of tasks, be it hauling waste, putting out fires or safely carrying refrigerated goods.

The majority of MD trucks sold around the world come fitted with an internal combustion engine, but hydrogen and battery electric powertrains are, as in other sectors, already attracting fleets.

Kenworth K270E electric
More medium-duty variants are being electrified as the business case becomes clear



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