NAME An SUV With A MORE HIDEOUS Profile Than The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer? Good Luck! | 2022

As a huge Jeep fan I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to write this buy OMG the new 2022 Wagoneer side profile is just hideous. If there was a hall of fame of hideousness, it would be the latest inductee.

Every time I look at it I scratch my head and say with a heritage like they have, HOW THE HELL did they NOT just make a modern version of the icon.

Big hips and shoulders, badass tires/wheels, stealth upper glass and a front that looked like it could take on baja unmodified. and kill the woody facade.

But they decided THIS was the jam…

it has ZERO juice. ZERO.

Looks like a Korean ambulance.

Overweight, out of proportion (wheels to body) and those side windows! RUBBISH.

The exterior is no match for its beautiful interior. Sad.

So Spies, NAME a MORE hideous looking profile on an SUV than the 2022 Wagoneer. It’s gonna be tough! DAMN tough!


The smell of the leather seats, the sound of the throttle, and even light from outside—all affect your state of mind. That’s what makes a good car great.

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