Nissan GT-R 2022 specifications and price | 2022

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Nissan GT-R 2022 from the inside.

Tata indoor Nissan GT-R 2022 seats front spacious significantly, unlike the rear seats which may not only works for people-sized or children may be convenient

features every model of GT-R Nissan to decide the appropriate double areas, heated front seats and upholstery covered with cheese in addition to the Suede in addition to more nurses

are equipped cabin, well and provide a set of standard features are good, but those who are looking for an interior luxurious and classy like that of the car – the Mercedes-AMG GT may not be the same degree of satisfaction

For storage, the cabin interior is rare with pockets big door and a small console the middle noticing the small size of the storage space.

Information, entertainment and communication

Included the Nissan GT-R 2022 touch screen LED 8.0 inches can be controlled also by a rotary knob on the center console while the system is Apple CarPlay, and compact, the system Bose sound system is standard

But the Android Auto despite the fact that the information system and its own easy-to-use enough even if you don’t design and listings are the most attractive

The dimensions of the Nissan GT-R 2022

Total length of the Nissan GT-R 2022 length of 184.6 inches, while the width of the car 74.6 inches while the height of the car 53.9 inches the size of the storage space background 9 cubic feet the weight of the Nissan GT-R 2022 weight 3850 lbs total length of the wheelbase of 109.4 inches

Safety features Nissan GT-R 2022

As most of the competitors most often, you won’t find a lot of driver assistance features in the Nissan JT lands, where these types of features not common in most areas of my GT-R Nissan safety features include a key that

accounts for the corner of front and rear standard

Warranty and maintenance of Nissan GT-R 2022

Although the regions of my GT-R provide scheduled maintenance is free but the free maintenance may mean a lot to anyone who can afford to buy a GT-R the Nissan, and is considered the period of limited warranty is also shorter than most of the competitors who are offering four years or 50,000 miles

covered to ensure the transmission range of Motion 5 years or 60,000 miles

introduced the Nissan GT-R 2022-Year Limited Warranty 3 years or 36000 miles

no scheduled maintenance is free


The smell of the leather seats, the sound of the throttle, and even light from outside—all affect your state of mind. That’s what makes a good car great.

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