Resource Scheduler with Schedule Assistant & GeoLocation feature – Beyond Dealer Management Systems | 2022

The key to being efficient is planning. For a busy automotive repair workshop with vehicles moving in or out daily, it is important to be able to manage resources efficiently to ensure the effectiveness of the resources, efficiency, delivery time and customer satisfaction. Through efficient utilisation of resources, businesses can reach new heights of success.

If you have not read our previous article about Resource Scheduling, you can read it here “Yana Resource Scheduling” An updated version of Universal Resource Scheduling (URS) from Dynamics 365 comes with geolocation map & schedule assistant, allowing organization to optimize resource planning using street-level visualization. This feature is especially useful:-

Watch the video below to see how Universal Resource Scheduler with Geolocation and Schedule assistant works, Resourcer Scheduling ensure dealer can maximizes service work order bookings allowing more appointment to be fitted into the workshop operating hours daily. In addition, the improved efficiency gives a more predictable completion time which increases customer satisfaction and improved customer retention. This directly drive revenue while reducing overtime cost.

If you would like to find out more about Universal Resource Scheduling in Yana, contact us at [email protected] or schedule a 30-minute product demo with us today!

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