Russian Almaz-Antey has developed and patented an electric crossover | 2022

Russian Almaz-Antey has developed and patented an electric crossover


AvtoNovostiDnya.- Almaz-Antey, one of the major arms manufacturers in Russia, has developed its own electric crossover. The patent images of the car were found in the database of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property by AvtoNovostiDnya.

The automobile seems to have been built on the NEVA modular platform, which was presented by the company at a military forum this August. The platform supports only two types of powertrains: completely electric or serial hybrid. According to rumours, both options are planned to be applied on the crossover.

The hybrid system is equipped with a 52-litre gas tank and a 70 kW capacity battery. As a fuel type, compressed hydrogen allows the car to travel 810 km once fully charged. The four-by-four vehicle is equipped with electric engines on both axles, with a total capacity of 435 hp.

The chassis of the electric crossover has been manufactured by the Obukhovsky plant of Almaz-Antey and the body and design by the St Petersburg Polytechnic. It’s not certain yet whether the automobile will go into mass production. The manufacturer has left some details of the project in the dark.


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