The 41 / 07 Cadillac | 2022

The 41 Cadillac is starting to look like a whole car now that the floor pans and fire wall are welded in place. It has taken 10 days of work to make the floor pan extension plates and weld them in place.
The engine side of the 07 fire wall is flush with the original 41 and welded in place.

 This is the completed front passenger side 07 floor pan to 41 body. The door sills above the rocker panels are still rusted through but I had to retain the door stop where the floor pan meets the top of the rocker that will be covered by the scuff plates.

 Passenger side fire wall where the 07 air intake unit will go back in and the A/C duct unit bolts in.

 This is one of the several plates that I made with a lot of angles and curves to fit 07 to 41.

 Passenger side rear with all the extension plates in place. Note the drive line center hump has been left unfinished until I fit the drive shaft to the rear end assembly.

 Driver side rear before extension plates.

 Drivers side after plates are in place.

 Drivers side front complete. I will leave the center bracing in place to lift the body off the frame to finish the bottom of the floor pans.

The above picture is the drivers side fire wall with the 07 steering column, power brake and main wiring harness support bracket bolted in place.

The car is up on stands so that I can bolt the drive shaft in place and make the new center carrier support bracket and determine how much longer the drive shaft must be.


The smell of the leather seats, the sound of the throttle, and even light from outside—all affect your state of mind. That’s what makes a good car great.

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